Yesterday I was thinking about how time flies. Well, actually, I was talking to our office manager about a new phone system, the somewhat shocking price, and how I almost lost a childhood friend because we had a rotary phone and his number had two 9s and a 0 and it just took too long to call him.

But to my point, time does not fly. Time is constant; probably the most constant thing in my life. What happens is I focus on what will happen in the future, or what just happened in the past, and am not present for the present. I am not mindful, so I miss out.

Maybe it’s how everything seems to move quickly. But I don’t think so. Again, time is time. I think it is up to me to use the time so it does not slip by. To stop, think, and focus on what is actually happening around me. To just dial both 9s and the 0, and be patient.

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