Asking for Help

Here’s the thing about asking for help: I used to think is really sucked. Still do to a certain extent, but I am slowly (glacially) coming to realize I have been wrong. Maybe there’s still hope for me.

The thing is none of us can do this alone. We need help from time to time and there isn’t (or in a perfect world shouldn’t be) any shame in asking. What I did not understand is the person I was asking for help was just waiting for me to ask. Me asking made them feel better.

I failed to understand they feel the same way I do. Asking for help is really hard, but giving it makes me feel good. So, if it makes me feel good, and makes them feel good, they why is this such an issue?

Probably could spend hours on a counselor’s couch figuring that out, but in the end, I think the point is we all want to be helpful. If that’s right, then asking for that help should be easy. Otherwise, by not asking I am keeping that person from feeling as good as I want to feel. That’s seems selfish in the end, and probably is.

Sometimes I really hate being an adult.

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