The Climbing Wall

At the YMCA I go to there is a climbing wall. Recently, I was look at the wall and started thinking about how the holds are different colors, shapes and sizes, but the security ropes are mostly the same. I then thought about the wall itself. The “obstacle” if you are a pessimist, or the “goal” if you are an optimist.

It struck me that we are all climbing a wall. To do that we all have the same ropes. The constants in our lives that help move us forward. But we also have colorful (sometimes too colorful) holds unique to our situation. The ropes and holds are equally important, and the wall cannot be climbed without both, even though they serve different purposes. And, relying too much on one, ignoring the other, might cause us to fall.

Maybe I was just bored on the elliptical machine and needed a distraction, but I hope not. I hope I can think more about my ropes and holds, and whether they are helping me climb the wall.

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