What do I want?

Lately I have been going to yoga. Well, the way I do it “yoga” is charitable, but the instructor is nice and has not asked me to leave yet.

After yoga I get a reward of iced coffee and usually rehearse the order, so I don’t sound like a doofus. And I began to think the scariest question we hear is what do you want? Because really, what do we want? Not the standard answer of happiness, peace, safety, but truly want.

Maybe that question is so hard because there is no answer. It changes from day to day, and even moment to moment. But now I think it should not be so tough. It gives me a chance to really stop and be mindful. To think: what do I want? And, to forgo the answer I thought was there; to not assume anything. What is truly important in our lives?

Whew. Maybe I should have gotten decaf.

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