I don’t do very well when someone tells me to do something. Ask me? Sure. Ask me and say please? Absolutely. But tell me, or worse, tell me and not explain why? Yeah, not so much. In fact, not only no, but now we are arguing.

Frustrating, but I have been thinking lately that maybe this is another chance to be mindful. Maybe there is a compromise. Not doing the ask and feeling resentment, but not not doing it and arguing.

Instead of starting to form my argument showing how the ask is the dumbest thing ever suggested in the history of suggestions I should take a breath, try to see the ask from their perspective, and see if we can talk about why. Maybe the explanation will make sense and I’m on board. Maybe it won’t and I can explain why I don’t want to do it and something can be worked out. Either way, some clarity is bound to come out, right? Yeah, that’s got to be it….

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