I really like music. Really like it. And not just one genre. My music collection looks like a buy one get 100 free sale at Columbia Music. You younger kids can ask your parents about that reference.

Of all that music I really do not have a favorite, favorite song, but I do have one that stands out. I am not going to write what it is because a) it’s my song and you really should have your own; and 2) I am afraid if I say it aloud FATE will take it from me. But that is another psychosis for another day.

My point is when I hear that song, I literally stop what I am doing if I did not put it on myself. Or, if I did put it on, I’m already in that place. You know? When I hear that song all the crap clouding my thought process goes away for a moment. And if I try, I can actually keep it away for a time, or at least turn it down enough to focus. To take a few minutes to get myself where I want to be.

I think that is part of being mindful. Remembering from time to time to tune out everything (and I do mean everything) else. Maybe not to quiet the mind completely, but to at least turn down the noise enough so I can appreciate that moment.

Maybe for some it’s smell, maybe it’s looking at a picture, or feeling a fabric. For me though, it’s that song. Whatever it is for you, I hope you take a minute with it today and have some time to yourself.

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